Дополните таблицу читая поэму руслан и людмила

The most popular activities are football, going to the cinema, going to the discotheque, playing computer games, playing the guitar, playing the pi- ano, going for a walk and so on. I think the most fashionable are those big, like Dr. Дополните таблицу читая поэму руслан и людмила listen to all kinds of music, everything from classical music to rap, from pop to hard rock. We play football, volleyball, basketball and sometimes tennis. Yes, it would be interesting for me to see Britain with my own eyes. Well, I think that all kinds of sedan are the most popular. We learn English and French. Do you like to live in your country and why? How do you usually spend your free time? Do you have a lot of work in school? What kind of music do you listen to? What do you know about our country? Would you like to visit Russia? Does it snow in Britain in winter? For дополните таблицу читая поэму руслан и людмила Edin- burgh is 56 degrees north of the equator, the same latitude as Moscow. Because in Russia we have another educational system and education in our country is mostly free. Download and print this document Read and print without ads Download to keep your version Edit, email or read offline Choose a format:.

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